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Philippine Island For Sale: Verde Island in Batangas Southern Luzon Philippines Asia



Set in a very rich and well-preserved natural environment, Verde Island Resort is an exclusive high-end residential resort anchored on a world-class, top dive and beach destination that offers a unique vacation experience of exceptional quality. Designed to blend with the island natural beauty, the resort is surrounded by coral sand beaches and turquoise waters and a spectacular coral reef 50 to 300 meters from shore. A 2004 study by members of the Smithsonian Institute indicated that the Verde Island Passage is home to an astonishingly high concentration of marine life making the area one of the top rated dive sites in the world.

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The property is 100 hectares of raw land and the existing Verde Island Resort Facilities is 11.4 hectares of beachfront. It is located in an area where the land is generally for tourism, commercial and residential purposes.The 11.4 hectares Verde Island resort currently has existing buildings and developments which include:

  • Casa Maharlika with 32 rooms that needs repair
  • Casa Condesa with 12 rooms that needs repair
  • Main Restaurant/Bar and Main kitchen
  • Function rooms
  • Infinity pools
  • Pool house
  • Power house
  • View deck / Activity area and Walkways
  • Helipad
  • Dive site
  • Bamboo Plantation



Verde IslandĀ  Resort is located at Sitio Subukin, Barangay San Antonio, Isla Verde, Batangas City, in the province of Batangas in Southern Luzon, Philippines.

Access from Manila via SLEX and Star Toll Connection:

  • Batangas Port: 1 hour by land and 1 hour by outrigger boat.
  • Pagkilatan Port: 1.5 hours by land and 20 minutes by outrigger boat.

Philippine Island For Sale Verde Island in Batangas Southern Luzon Philippines Asia 02Philippines Island For Sale Verde Island in Batangas City Philippines Asia



A.) 100 Hectares Raw Land at Php700 per sqm:

=Php 700,000,000.00 (more or less USD 17.5M)

B.) 11.4 Hectares Verde Island Resort:

=Php 370,000,000.00 (more or less USD 9.25M)

C.) Total Selling Price (A+B):

=Php 1,070,000,000.00 (more or less USD 26.75M)

Note: Based on Cuervo Appraisal Report Dated September 20, 2011.



  • The 11.4 Hectares Verde Island Resort is owned by a Corporation.
  • The 100 Hectares Raw Land Property is titled under the same Corporation that owns the Verde Island Resort.
  • Cuervo Appraisal Reports are available for both properties.
  • Inspection Report of Verde Island Resort Structure and Utilities is available.
  • Master Plan of Residential Resort Development for 100 Hectares Raw Land is available and will be handed over to the Buyer upon purchase.

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